How to Get a Man to Change

My good friend Tracy is the ultimate homemaker- without her the family house would fall apart. Only she can put the new toilet paper on the roll and recap the maple syrup without using her tongue. Problem is nobody ever recognizes the value of cleaning up.
Her husband throws his clothes on the floor- she intercepts them before they hit the ground. I told her to consider herself lucky all other male species mark there territory with either urine or feces- so far all he does is leave his shirts around. She doesn’t see my logic.
Nobody in her family will ever forget the great strike of 1998- where she suddenly stopped cleaning without a word. Within a week garbage was piled everywhere- you had to make a wide circle around the shoes in the hallway to get through the front door.
The strike ended when mildew was growing in the tile grout. Her husband yelled, doesn’t anyone clean this house? Than he gathered the children filled a bucket with cleaners and climbed into the tub to try his hand at scrubbing technique.
It wasn’t until she stopped cleaning that it occurred to her family how much work cleaning the house really is. Very often the only time people recognize the value of what we do is when we just stop doing it.

How do you get a man to change? Threaten him. Motivate him. Leave humorous note around as a hint. What do you do? Do you keep your spouse on a short leash? Does it work?

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