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Jody has been presenting her keynote addresses around the world for over 10 years. She is passionate about spreading the message of fun, and meaningful work. Annually she addresses over 40 organizations and associations, and is a top motivational keynote speaker. Jody is author of the book All Work & No SAY and writes a syndicated column called the Joy of Work, which is published in over 40 magazines and trade journals. Her mission is to help individuals and organizations derive more meaning and satisfaction from their work. Jody is a feature speaker for the GE Healthcare Tip-TV program broadcast in over 2600 healthcare facilities. Jody is the 2008 Bronze Winner of the 29th Annual Telly Awards for excellence in programming this presentation. Jody’s clients include health care associations, financial, corporations, parks and recreation bodies, government departments and many more groups.

New Blogg

Hi we have moved the blog to my website at Come see us here! Advertisements

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Cell Phone Etiquette

I was standing in line at the bank today and a guy let his cell phone ring 12 times ( yes I’m lame- I counted). When he answered he spoke so loud everyone in the bank was distracted and irritated. I … Continue reading

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Foreclosures in Phoenix

I just got back from a trip to Phoenix where i bought a small condo as a rental property. I met a young man who lives upstairs who bought 4 years ago, he paid 2.5 times more than i did … Continue reading

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I Still Wear a Wrist Watch

I wear a wrist watch and a 12 year old told me that this was obsolete. This is a single function device, therefore useless.

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The Aging Parent Dilemma

An interesting article about how our workplaces are changing, something organizations have to think about from an article from Fast Company, Change the Game: Add Aging to the Parent-Centric Work+Life Debate. I agree if we are going to have … Continue reading

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Annual Survey of American Technology Adoption

A survey of over 75,000 participants shows that Gen x and Gen Y use technology much more readily than older generations. This isn’t surprizing. The link to the research is,/q/id/57526/t/2 However my friends grandmother is now text messaging, ” … Continue reading

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Great Video

I really like this video Are you a Game Changer by Sam Silverstein,

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