Foreclosures in Phoenix

I just got back from a trip to Phoenix where i bought a small condo as a rental property. I met a young man who lives upstairs who bought 4 years ago, he paid 2.5 times more than i did for a similar unit with no downpayment. His mortgage, taxes, condo fees must be a staggering $2300 per month (plus). You could literally rent the same unit he lives in right now for under $1,000 per month. I am not for walking away but what is the incentive to stay in your home and make your payments?
It is going to take awhile for this real estate mess in the US to be fixed. Any thoughts?


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  1. Most people I meet don’t keep very good records, and they also don’t know what they own and owe, their net worth, their cash in and cash out on an annual basis. They aren’t monitoring if their cash out is more than their cash in either. Record keeping and budgeting aren’t on their radar.

    Jody, I’ve just created a WorkBook and Planning Guide with checklists of what and how to keep your records. The scariest part is when people are injured, or die and someone has to take over their record keeping to wind stuff up.

    This workbook will help with that process. It’s for sale for $8.95 for the PDF or $44.95 for a two-pack which includes a hard copy plus the PDF (add your applicable taxes). It’s going to press this week and you’ll find it on my shopping cart.

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