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Cell Phone Etiquette

I was standing in line at the bank today and a guy let his cell phone ring 12 times ( yes I’m lame- I counted). When he answered he spoke so loud everyone in the bank was distracted and irritated.

I came home and googled cell phone etiquette just to regain my sanity and I came up with this nice article with some nice reminders. From a great website. Check it out at

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Foreclosures in Phoenix

I just got back from a trip to Phoenix where i bought a small condo as a rental property. I met a young man who lives upstairs who bought 4 years ago, he paid 2.5 times more than i did for a similar unit with no downpayment. His mortgage, taxes, condo fees must be a staggering $2300 per month (plus). You could literally rent the same unit he lives in right now for under $1,000 per month. I am not for walking away but what is the incentive to stay in your home and make your payments?
It is going to take awhile for this real estate mess in the US to be fixed. Any thoughts?

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I Still Wear a Wrist Watch

I wear a wrist watch and a 12 year old told me that this was obsolete. This is a single function device, therefore useless.

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The Aging Parent Dilemma

An interesting article about how our workplaces are changing, something organizations have to think about from an article from Fast Company,
Change the Game: Add Aging to the Parent-Centric Work+Life Debate.

I agree if we are going to have change it will have to come with organizations finally stepping up to the plate and offering flexibility and incentive to care for agiing populations. Companies ( especially large ones) are slow to change but they will be forced to recognize that it may be the only way to keep a talented and engaged workforce, people will need this kind of support.
Good article.

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Annual Survey of American Technology Adoption

A survey of over 75,000 participants shows that Gen x and Gen Y use technology much more readily than older generations. This isn’t surprizing.
The link to the research is,/q/id/57526/t/2
However my friends grandmother is now text messaging, ” pass the salt” she texts her at the dinner table.
My mother is actively posting on facebook with her marathon running group. I heard about a 92 year old women who loves twitter. All generations are embracing technology because it is so great and makes our lives so much easier ( what mother doesn’t want to see her teenage daughters photos from the party she was at last weekend).

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Great Video

I really like this video Are you a Game Changer by Sam Silverstein,

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